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DynDNS Control Panel


Spamdyke Control Panel
The Spamdyke Control Panel (SCP) is a GUI for the antispam implementation of spamdyke with qmail.

The native spamdyke version from as well as the patched MySQL variation (from haggybear) are supported.
The MySQL variation is substantially more performant in case of high mail traffic.

By means of the SCP you can view the mail traffic graphically and retrieve various information to each mail.
IP and Mail whois are possible. Besides that you can manage White- and Blacklists.

Additional functions are:

  • percentage statistics of the mail traffic as well as the blocked mails.
  • TOP values view. TOP hour/TOP spammed Mail/TOP spamming IP/country.
  • daily report.
  • extensive options of filtering the view.
  • search function.
  • activate/deactivate greylistings.

Additionaly SCP comes with extensive administration options for configuring spamdyke easily and effective.

  • greylisting administration inclusive the integration into Plesk for a new domain creation.
  • administration of DNSBL lists.
  • administration of e-mail reports.
  • extensive rights management for the users of SCP.

Urgent notice: right after a new installation it is necessary to administer the correct rights under the rights management immediately!!


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